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Cryin' In The Rain

Andru Donalds

Every time I look into your deep brown eyes
I just wanna love and hold you tight
Girl, I never understand the reason why
I always wanna touch you in the early morn&'
As the night turns into day
If I knew I was sleepin' with her
Then to me I'd say -

*Don't leave me cryin' in the rain
Please don't leave me so insane
Don't leave me cryin' in the rain


In my imagination is this whole story reads
I will have a home within your heart
Where everything is warm
And you could be my girl
I'm thinkin' about that journey
'Cause my tears are now above my head
I'll let you in and you left me on that rainy day

*Repeat (2 times)

Maybe it's true that I'm made to be a fool
You used me and abused me and threw me away
And like the sweetest dove in the night
You're in and out of my life
And I'm falling from your heart
And standin' in the rain

**Tell me why you're runnin' scared
Always wanna run and escape
Then you're right where the rain needs to hit
Then you -


***Don't leave me cryin', baby
Don't leave me cryin', baby
I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be
Don't leave me cryin', baby

*Repeat with ad lib to fade

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