With my heart in little pieces
I made my escape
Another bad relation had taken its shape
She almost made off
With this soul of mine
It was close
I was lost but she found me in time

*You can lend me your ear
You can lend me your heart
But can you give me the time
To make a brand new start?

**Just give me time
You should want it that way
If I told the truth tonight
Would you take your love away?
Just give me time
You know it has to be that way
If I told another lie
Will it buy another day?

You gave me the strength
To get back on my feet
Can you give me the time
To believe the love I feel?
If I asked any more than the words that I feel
Will I know if it's love?
Will I know who I am?

I don't need a bleeding heart
I just want a helping hand
You can pull me apart
Or you can understand

***Repeat with ad lib to fade

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