Breaking your back
To cover your tracks
Did it for love
Or something like that
I don't know who to believe
In so many words
You try to explain
How many times
Can the story get changed
I don't know who to believe

And what's between us
Just won't add up

Give me some
Believable doubt
Why should i
Believe in you now
From what i see you
Call yourself
An innocent man
Tell me bout
The blood on your hands
I wanna hear
Wanna hear the truth from you

The devil's talking to me
As you fall on your face
Angel beside me saying
I should be taking your place
I don't know who to believe
There's a criminal part
To everyone's heart
Outside's clean
And the inside's falling apart
I don't know who to believe

Walk away
You're free to go home
Walk away now

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