I play on the black keys
where i dont have to worry much
its already hard enough
to sing a song about this
some people try the white keys
but the thinkin' hurts my head
so i move back here instead
it comes easier

you know why
you're the one whos on the greivin' end
and just wave goodbye
and wonder if you'll ever breathe again
thats why

i play on the black keys
when it already takes my best
to pretend that this big mess
isn't happenin'
i play on the black keys
so i can close my eyes
try to picture you beside me
singin harmonies
and you know why
one day i will try and explain it all
and if you dont mind
id like some time to try and play it all

if i ever thought it would come to this
the needin' and the bleedin'
then i woulda tried to say it better better
if i ever thought i cherished you
and i mean it yeah i mean it
now i still think youre here
you're pullin in you're pullin in
but you wouldn't know why
because you're the one the one whos on the leavin' end
then you wave goodbye
when you saw me cry would you believe me then

thats why...i...i...i...
and i...i...i...

i play on the black keys...yeah

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