Why do you make it so hard?
why do you try your best to hurt me?
You lock yourself away from the world,
Caught up in your own dreams!
I gave you my heart and my soul,
But you didn't want to know me.
I never knew that love was so cold,
I had to find out the hard way!

(Baby, baby, baby)

Don't you know that I need you?
Don't you know you're the air that I breathe?
And if I could have one wish,
Your love would be aimed at me.
Don't you know that I want you?
And all my love I would give it to you
And if I could do one thing
I'd make your every dream come true!

When did you change your mind?
When did you decide you didn't love me?
all this heartache and pain!
The angels forgot to bless me!
You're the answer to my prayers girl!
You're are all that I live for.
And when I held you close in my arms,
It felt like we we're floating on air!

(Baby, baby, baby)

Don't you know that I love you?
Don't you know how much I care?
with every step and mountain you climb
Then baby I'll be there!
Don't you know we were meant to be?
It was written in the stars.
It's both love and destiny
One thing I know that you are!

(Guitar solo)

(Baby, baby, baby)

Don't you know that I miss you?
Don't you know that you're my girl?
All those things I ever said to you,
I meant every word!
Don't you know how you hurt me?
Without you my world fell apart.
I've tried to get on with my life girl,
But baby I just can't!

Baby I told you I loved you!
Baby I told you I cared!
You just smiled and said nothing
As though I wasn't there!
I went on pretending,
That things were just fine.
If only I knew then girl,
You were taking me for a ride!

(baby, baby, baby..)

I've still got your face on my wall!
God knows I still love you.
I don't know why after all we've been through?
It's 'cos're beautiful!
I didn't mean all those things I said.
I didn't want you to leave me.
But now after it's all said and done
All that's left are just memories!

Baby, you knew that I loved you,
Baby, you knew that I cared,
Baby, you know I still love you,
Baby you know i'll always be there...

Baby I loved you
(To fade)

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