Twelve O'clock midnight the scene is set
for a journey in the night they thought was right
no turning back till the job was done
no need for regret when they shoot some scum

no one else will suffer no one else will bleed
one finger of the right hand will cure the cancer
once and forever

shotgun blast ring in my ear
shoot some scum that rule by fear
a lot of good men will do some time
for a fucking cunt without a spine

the taste of the medicine is bitter sweet
just take a look around there's no retreat
cry and scream all you like
just have a feel of the dogs that bite
get on your shoes and run like hell
you're not moving very fast it's not hard to tell
look at your legs they're full of lead
it's such a shame it wasn't your head

ding dong ding dong I can hear a bell
ding dong ding dong move like hell
ding dong ding dong it seems to stop
ding dong ding dong you caught the fucking lot

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