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Talk To Me

Anita Baker

Ooo -ooo - yes sir
Baby, baby, baby,baby

You stand all alone, on your own
Please come inside from that storm
Stand where it's warm
I can see, you're in need, baby, please talk to me now

Swear nothing is wrorng, you're so strong
Baby, don't hold this inside, relax your pride
Let it go, set it free, my baby talk to me now

What's wrong, wrong with you
Why don't you tell me what cha goin' through, darling'
What's wrong, wrong with you
Why don't you tell me
I can help if you let me, baby,
Yes , I can

I understand, here's my hand
Why stand alone in the dark, open up your heart
let it's go, setit free, now my baby, talk to me now

What's wrong, wrong with you...(repeat)

I understand, that you're only one man
So much you can take ,baby
Yes , I understand that you've only got two hands

Stare into space
I see shadows of pain cross your face
You avoid my advice, you avoid my embrace, baby

What's wrong, wrong whit you
Why don't you tell me
I won't tell a single soul, my, my, my, baby
Yeah- uh
Yeah, you gotta, I gotta, we gotta talk about it - uh
No doubt about it, uh
Let it go, ho-ho, set it free, hee, hee, hee - baby
Uh, I'd like to listen, huh, I'd like to listen,,baby, huh
Tell me everything, baby, babee - huh
I will understand, I will understand,
I promise, baby
Tell me now, tell me, huh, tell me
I believe-hey-hey,baby
God almighty, baby, tell it all to me
Don't cha hold nothin'in , baby, don't cha
Hold it baby

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Written by: Anita Baker / Michael J. Powell / Vernon D. Fails. Isn't this right? Let us know.