Began a new life
Found a love for your own
Got somebody by your side
Now you don't have to be alone

But you find yourself in need more than they can give
It is taking all your strength within
To get them to understand
Well there's a place within the soul
There's a place that nobody knows
It is a place where some come and go
But no one fulfill the Godspot
A place that's in demand
Need a lot of love someone to understand
It is a place where only He ca
'cause no one fulfill the Gdspot

Aways surrounded
By so many many friends
They were like a family
Promised to be there to the end

But then you realised you gave too much of your heart away
You put all your trust in them
You thought they'd always stay

When everyone has let you down
Depend on God, He'll always be around
And life seems impossible
Trust in Him, and you will find He's able
Yes He's able

I'm trying to say that things and the people will never satisfy
'cause there is nothing or anyone who can take the palce of God

no one fulfill it, it's a Godspot
yes it is
no one can take the place of God

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