We all get weary
We all need someone else
To help us carry
What we cannot carry by ourselves

We all get lonely
Sometimes we all could use a hand
Somebody to lean on
Someone that will understand

Please don't run away
Don't try to prove you're strong
This is what we have each other for

Let me be love to you and pray with you
Til the peace of God surrounds your heart again
Let me be love to you
I will share your burdens, dry your tears,
Stand beside you through your fears
I want to do what Jesus would do
Won't you let me be love, oh yeah

We all are broken
We all need to be new
And through each other
God shows us His love is real

Please don't be afraid
Don't ever be ashamed
This is what we need each other for

I can catch you when you fall
I can hold you when you cry
Let me be the face of mercy

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