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Tearing Everyone Down


I thought id begun to see a change
but the more things change the more they stay the same
back stabing and name calling the trademarks of your acts
you talk and you talk of unity but divide with your attacks
"i d like to see a change, i d like to see a change,i d like tosee a change
but im to busy tearing everyone down....."
all us kids we try to make a change
some kids start a band ,others start a zine
YOU, no matter what your path
you throw a curve in what could be achieved
then you give up and move onto some other thing


take a break
from your fights
try to open up your mind tonight
when you feel
thats completethen we can tackle this society!

you may not like
everything in life i do...
but that doesnt mean
im not trying to change
the same problems as you


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