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I Don't Believe


I learned about America from my first day in school
Land of opportunity, land of the free
They told us we were blessed and fortunate
But they turned away my questions on homelessness

I don't believe-I don't believe

Born into a national identity
A citizenship that defines the word "free"
But if we're so fucking free why don't we even get a choice?
I never choose to be a citizen, there was no choice given tomake

I don't believe-I don't believe

I don't believe in America
Or the "American Dream"
I don't believe in nationalism
We're all the same
Until the rich old men who control the world find something theycan't have
And they send us out there to kill each other, let the rich fighttheir wars

I don't believe...
You've got nothing to gain, by fighting for them!

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