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My Skateboard


As one sits and waits
for something to happen
i too sat and waited for you to call
well i waited too long and thought
hey maybe i should call you
but by then you had already gone

so its fridays night and i wanted to go out
i didn't want to go to no show
didn't want to cruse main street
didn't want to go to no disco
no no
i just wanted you to come over
sit on my couch and hold me tight
but you went out with some dumb jock
and left me alone with my skaeboard tonight

now i'm out on my skateboard
and i'm puchin' so hard
i'm pushin' so hard
i want to see if i can see
if you're still home
but the lights aren't on
so on my home alone
i took a short cut through the park
and just my luck
i saw you making out with him in the dark


why'd you go and change your mind
you can pick and choose
but with him you're gonna lose


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