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In Your Care

Archer Tasmin

the light is fading from my room
as night time comes around too soon
i'm so afraid
swollen eyes portray my pain
as tears fall like the summer rain
I'm so alone

son of a bitch you broke my heart
i need a little loving
to take away the pain
how could you let me down?
when i'm in your care

i pull the covers to myself
drink and smoke upon his breath
i close my eyes
again i pray to god above
what have i done to lose his love?
am i to blame?

when i am dreaming
i can call out
no one hears
i'm falling from your heart in tears

hush little baby don't you cry
daddy's going to sing you a lullaby
to show he cares
but you must keep our secret safe
is this love or is this hate?
i feel so scared

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