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The Higher You Climb

Archer Tasmin

the higher you climb
the further you fall
and the harder you try
the louder they cry
i don't know why
but it's written in my hand
and i can see what is right
if i stay on track

i read the news today
a land was blown away
i understand it's out of my hands
but i would lay my life down for you
if you'd guarantee
that you and all your kind would not abuse it

i'm scared to watch tv
because of what it does to me
it leaves me feeling helpless
but i would sacrifice the things i hold so dear in life
if you would tell me it would not be useless

and when i sleep at night
another nation rise
to carry on the fight for freedom
they dedicate their lives
a supreme sacrifice
for simple human rights and freedom

the wiser you are
the harder you'll find it
to follow a path that won't lead to decline
i'll make my stand
because it's written in the stars
and i can see what is right
if i stay on the right track

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Written by: John Beck / John Hughes / Tasmin Archer. Isn't this right? Let us know.