You're doing ok
I'm doing alright
But it's been about a week since our last fight
Isn't it time to try again?
We thought it was thru between us two
But about a week out that don't seem as cool as it did
Before, I'm bored
Let's call a truce
I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm small
When my vision falls short and egos too tall
When my abs look cut so I got a bunch of guts
To totally shoot down - whatever you're bringing up
When I feel like you ain't enough- I deserve more
And when the image in the mirror: Makes a brother's thoughts soar
I need a hardcore rude awakening a barn door
To slap me in my face again strap me to my base again
Baby, you're my lady I was crazy last weekend
You can beyonce me and say to the left
Or ciara me tell me do the two step
Or rihanna me and be my umbrella
I'm not gangsta yet I'm a good fella
I guess we both could do just ok without each other
I've been humbled enough to where I could tell ya

(I love)
Girl I'm learning my lesson
And there is no question
I see I'm missing out on my blessing
See all of this guessing
About who else that I hold and caressing
Our relationship was in a recession
This constantly stressing
We slamming the doors
And snatching the keys
I can see you disappointed in me
This is an apology
I'm so glad you didn't chunk me the duce
I'm on my knees lonely calling a truce
Cause I'm in love with you
The first day I watched tv.
All the bloody shows, violence and mysteries
On the second day I ate whatever I wanted to eat
Lucky charms, doritos and drank sweet tea
About the fourth day I finally showered
New pair of underwear do'd my under arms
By the 6th day I shaved my nappy beard
By the 7th day rested like god did


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