Yo man, hit me with one of those funky basslines!

[*Scattered basslines plays*]
One bassline at a time! *echoes*

The sun takes a bow for a day well lit
Next act is night with an audience of brothers and sisters
havin' a celebration of sorts
Meetin' one another, hoping soon to be lovers
Sisters have always fascinated me..
The many shades, the many sizes, and features
Such a wide variety of African women
Sometimes leaves me frustrated, and speechless
I try not to admire what I can't obtain or have
Things beyond my reach don't exist to Speech
Seein' how I'm a bit shorter than the average man
I patiently wait for someone I CAN reach
Many sisters don't understand my style
I live my life in an outcast tribe
A tribe that strives to see a brighter day
I foresee that I'll walk with closed eyyyyes, until dawn

[Chorus 2X, each with different ad-libs]
Dawn of the dreads! (HEY!)
Dawn of the dreads! (ahhhhh)
Dawn of the dreads!
D-d-d-dawn of the dreads! (Hey!)
Dawn of the dreads! (HEY!)
Dawn of the dreads!
Dawn of the dreads! (Dawn...of...the dreads)
D-d-d-dawn of the dreads! (It's dawn)

Rejection is a fear of mine, for one reason or another
but I still asked for a date with this woman
She said, "NO!", I said, "OH!
I forgot, there's a gap between the richer and the poorer po'"
Slowly, all, the shades, sizes, and features
became less different, and more, the same
Except a certain female with all new featurrrres
but I knew not her name
By this time the sun was preparing..
for another appearance the sky was pure red!
The night grabbed the moon and soon..
The darkness, (aw man!) was almost dead
The sky now is orange and the night
has left the stage with curtains open wide
and the bright sun yawns, to signify a glorious BRIGHT new day, WHOO!
The glorious day I would meet; (who?) Dawn
The natural dread also of the outcast tribe
Knowledgeable enough to understand my style
and as we kiss in the name of re-JECTion
The sky looks at us, and warmly smiles

[Chorus 2X]

[Headliner cuts and scratches]

Yeah, the dread symboliiizes the natural growth
of not just the hair, but also of the MIND
and also the bond, that keeps us in love
the struggle, enhances that bond, throughout time
When I see her I see life! The vast SCOPE of life
in her eyes of no wrong
Faith plays a big ass part, I'm still kinda young
but I could FEEL I could really run with, Dawn

[Chorus 2X and break]

The name is "Dawn of the Dreads"
"Dawn of the Dreads" "Dawn of the Dreads", uh-huh

It's a brand-new song by Arrested Development
entitled "Dawn of the Dreads" (Dawn of the Dreads!)
I hope you enjoy it, but all you can do now
is put both feet up in the air and swing 'em back and forth to the music...thank you!

I say - Dawn of the Dreads!
I say - Dawn of the Dreads!
I say - Dawn of the Dreads!
D-D-D-Dawn of the Dreads!

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