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Spiraling motion
Fragments of eons multiply
All the ages
Believe they're the ones who'll be magnified

Threads of wonder
Weaved within' the tapestry
Contain the questions
Frayed threads of heresy


Hold on to the moment
As it's fading into memory
There'll be no grand facade
Proclaiming your legacy
Look up in the sky my friend
You can't stop the moving sun
The mighty orb will wipe away
The things that you have done

Turn through pages
History seems meaningless
Lives immortal
Destined to be turned to dust


Will we be thought of in sadness
Or will we be remembered for our greatness
Eclipsed by the time that we are granted
How in history will we be painted

We'd like to think that we will last forever
And that the age that we're in's so much better
Scared to face the feeling in our solitude
We eclipse the future with our magnitude

Eclipsed away
Eclipsed away
Eclipsed away
Eclipsed away


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