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New Jerusalem


We've travelled many miles
Yet, we long for more
Our home is just a thought
Gone forevermore

A sparkle in our foresight
A planet you called earth
Our time is running out
Can you sustain our birth?


We've come so far away
Will you share your warmth?
Don't be scared of our kind
You've done this before!

Stepping off our craft
We expected so much more
No welcome or attack
On this alien shore

There were signs of life around
They towered in the sky
But scattered on the ground
Were the beings who had died

we left our world so long ago
in hopes that we'd find life
stricken by the same hatred
you've destroyed your kind

with no way to ever leave
stranded in the fallout
intelligence breeds our misery
universal fallout

feeling sadness for all life
why do we exist
what's the purpose in this death
universal fallout


We have come so far away
What happened to your warmth
Why can't we learn to co-exist
What has caused this war?


We rest high in the sky
Solar units of light
We shall build Jerusalem
It's time for you to fly

We have come so far away
We will share our warmth
We will calm and rest your fears
We will take you home...

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