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Stars In Your Eyes

Patti Austin

On a night so right for love,
where a silver moon is shining
In the shadow of the willow
I fell for you.

Who could write this storyline
Who could paint this perfect picture
They say love is blind, for us it came as no surprise
You and I had stars in our eyes.

Just a tough or knowing glance
We had learned to trust each other
In the midst of our romance,
we held on so tight

If I had my chance again
maybe I would see the danger
Guess I'd make the same mistakes
It's hard to be young and wise
when all you see is stars in your eyes

On this night I wait alone
from a silver moon I'm minding
Like the shadow or the willow
I weep for you

People say I'm over you
They say times are perfect enough
Why do I still long for you
with stars in my eyes
When I have no tears left to cry
Maybe after all love is blind
Maybe love is blind

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