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Can I Be Sure

Australian Crawl

Too many poeple need a pseudonym
Cut their hair and pout like anything
So worried that the real them might get in
And paranoid about their skin
They usually have good fashion sense
So aware that red and green offends
Most have a popstar for a friend
Or live of what their parents send

Can I be sure when I don't know
who I am talking to anymore

They so adament in their belief
sincere dedicated and cheap
Maintain they've never needed to enfeoff
or justify to their relief
But then it barely lasts an episode
from verse to verse without a pallnode
into the next issue of mode
spectacled and pidgeon toed

With well established social prejudice
become second rate rock journalists
never satisfy the need to outwit
and influence the modernist
Too many people need a pseudonym
cut their hair and pout like anything
so afraid the real them might get in
concern and always rivalling

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