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If I could walk across the water
Catch a star in my hand
Sail the Spanish Armada on dry land
Feed the starving millions in an African land
Be as bold and upright as Kelly's last stand
I'd do it

If I could watch young lovers in the velvet bliss
Seal the fate of false virtue with a stolen kiss
Stop the red earth running from the murderer's hiss
Save the misleaders from a near miss
I'd do it

We can do anything that we can find
Don't you forget that they'll want payment in kind
You can do anything that you can do
I just want to spend a little time with you

If I could tread the sacred walk where the brave men go
Catch a fallen hero when he's down so low
Douse the burning bridges with the overflow
'Cause Clancy don't mind what Clancy don't know
You know I'd do it

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