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Body Police


It was just another day in the cruiser,
Trying to keep my neighborhood safe
From the crooks and the robbers and the speeders runaway
So i caught this pretty big one, i really said she was going too fast
And then i turn my sirens on and pulled her over
I'm not surprised by the questions she acts she say

Mr. officer, mr. officer, tell me what i right or wrong
I said 36 28 42 and 30 miles on hours,
It's only know you...

Assume the position and put your hands up where i can see
Spread up i gotta take you into 69...
Call me the body police, they call me the body police
I'm charging you of bts, that's being too sexy

I get a call from my dispatcher and when i get to the scene i saw the weapons
And i'm like damn, what do i do? i really wanna call up for backup
I think i'll take some by myself
Be my approach and we got into a time so
That's when she raised for my piece and my...


I'm the officer of the body, i'm sworn to protect and serve
And i have a... cause, so go ahead and do a strip search, a strip search
It's time to ready your miranda, ride to the... propaganda
You're under my arrest, baby

[chorus] (2x)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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Written by: Bobby Ross Avila / Issiah IZ Avila / M. Avant. Isn't this right? Let us know.