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All About You


I can picture us in the living room by the mantel piece
and our telling me your loving me.e.e.
with your hands on my thighs
while im starin in your brown eyes
the expretion on your face
is telling me you want my tender taste
so tonight were going all the way
will be lovin till the break of day

theres nothin in this world that i would do
i dont care what the others say
now that i got you babe
now that i got you
nothing brings me joy like you girl
i love to bring you joy so much joy
all the little things you do its all about you boo
its all about you boo

I can picture us running in the ran
after a movie when we spark a flame
girl i love it when you scream my name
going 60 in the 30 lane
we pull over to the parking lot
in the park thats my favorite spot
doing just about anything
we'll be going 'till the birds sing


Avant and her

him- i think its 'bout time that i make you mine
her-whats you saying c'mon boy c'mon break it down
him-to find another like you would be a lifetime
her- i think i see were your going baby let it out let it out
him-listen to me baby i got sumthin to say
her- is it really what i think dont take all day
him-forever is what i want to give to you, so what do you say
her- baby i do


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