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The Clown Is Dead

Axel Rudi Pell

The death of a clown
Reminds you all lifetime
A lake full of tears
Overflowed the world

The reaper brought pain
So sad are the children
Their time of mourning
Will be forever

Where did he go
No laughter in Heaven
Where did he go
Where did he stay?

The clown is dead
The laughter is gone
The clown is dead
A life's on the run

Behind his mask
He was only human
A person who feels
Like you and me

Can't you see the light
The star that shined so bright
Was it a lucky sign
From someone who says: I'm alright

The clown is dead
...Will the laughter return
We'll never know

Spoken words
Innocence, laughter, madness
Tears, death, heaven, pain

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