"Together with his father, the prodigy works
Feverishly all through the night
He takes a far greater dose of the drug than usual
Thinking it will help him see the solution."
Isolate the graviton
Verify the higgs-boson

Photons, hadrons
Gluons, fermions
Demonstrate the tachyon
Find the missing baryons
Neutrons, protons
Nucleons, electrons

Ride a wave of gravity
Unravel super symmetry
Position x, sparticles
Momentum p, dark energy
Einstein’s relativity
Meets heisenberg’s uncertainty
Causality, eternity

Singularity, infinity!
Eureka! We found it, we broke it
Eureka! We solved it, we did it!
Eureka! We made it, we cracked it
Eureka! We nailed it, we got it!

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