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Angels' Assassins


Call us the Demons, undead
On fear and death we're fed
Doom lovers, soldiers of Hell
In lust and power we dwell

Angels' Assassins

Two steps forward, up your head!
Fight with us or lay fucked red!
With strong arms and our hands
We obey Satan's commands

Angels' Assassins
Demons for hire!
Killing with pleasure
Demon's desire!

March on heaven, trample sun
Bring on darkness, kill the dawn
No more light and no more hope
Kill weak seraphs, use the rope!

Angels' Assassins

Thrill all angels, make them cry
One by one, they cruelly die

Slay, fuck, cut and dismember!
Let those white birds remember!
Improve them, you're the master
Reason of their disaster
Screams and anguish, heaven's cry
Pity angels slowly die
God is helpless, god is useless
We're the rulers, we're the ruthless

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