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Oh, thou of noble-birth, thine wilt have to Wander!
The maze of nightmares
Transgenic heredity
The journey of misery
Nothing-to-do, nothing-to-hold
Wrathful demons shine forth
Deluded premonition ghosts in the form of the One -
The Lord of death
Blood-drinking Father calling thou by thine deceased name

Thou hast been given to the vultures and the crows
And to the phantasms... Human - beasts of prey
Stricken with fear and terror, suffer pain, sole in dread
O Thou of tormented & helpless soul

Exploited... Damned... Depraved
Thy sick mind art the key
The Secret formula to the lock of infinity
Thou art to penetrate thine omen thoughts
Thou codon's clones - slaves to thine future hopes
To cheat the guards of transient prison
And thus thou dwell in a sin-like sea

Yet free of atoms of lost unity
To unlock the doors of perception
To evade, to liberate... Too late!
Isn't gods will to delude?
To cheat, to escape... Too late!

My bones rest on the rocks
As my flesh dissolves in the Vulture's throat
Let the earth know the secret we have held and let it go
Ashes and dust like barren thoughts are full of mundane desires
Let the flames clean the un-furbished Soul in a funeral pyre

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