Trapped in the crotch of the beast
I lick her spells of abomination
Oh Queen of the dead
Give me your immortality
Throughout curses, I've become a priest of the black Sun
Absorbing all light and spitting the venom of existence
Trampling all holiness in elation and blasphemy
Death heralds my arrival, coldness, darkness and rot

The vermin crawls out from the symbol of imaginary holiness
Devouring the rotting carcass of false messiah

Inevitable destruction of divine sheep
Flames of eternal damnation devour their souls
Shit prayers directed into nothingness
Adoration of the fallen kingdom - let Eden burn!
Oh Queen of the dead, look at the mercy given by suicide
A relief given to those blind masses
It is a gift for their leper souls

The final step into the abyss, through self-destruction
This is a step towards the burning sky

Oracle caresses the mind, guiding to the edge of madness
There is no retreat
Blood flows down like a river of scum, without compassion and pain
Forsaken flee toward the kingdom of eternal chaos

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