The age of your glory shall never end
Audacious son of the Morning Star!
The sting of the villians!
The unchasing rage!
The sceptre of the tytans!
The proud emperor of the harassment!
Pestilent touch above the herd of Christ!
There's no relief for this earthly morgue,
The desert of your wrath.

Hell's breath awakens legions,
The shades of the dead kings of Earth.
They rise from the burning thrones,
And praise your name so full of might.

Lucifer's rising!
From the underworld!

You arose form the deepest pits of Hell
To cut the throat of God by the blade of bitterness.

You will ascend to the Heavens
And exalt Thy throne above the stars of God.
You will sit upon the mouth
Of the congregation in the sides of the north.

Lucifer's rising!
From the underworld!

You will ascend above the heights
Of the clouds to become the most high.

The sea of vermin spat out from the black dimention.
Roaring scream of the bells of doom extirpates the nations.
Chtist thrown out of his grave -
Defilement of the rotting scum.
Earthly kingdoms smashed.
Cities turned to dust.

The luminous one!
The black flame burns inside!
My will hard as steel!
Thy legions arrive!

The shape of Venus cloaks the lands.
Impaled angels burn in Hell.
Serpent bites the eye of God.
The Armageddon comes.
Evil fills the world with the cities of depravation.

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