Creeping in the shadows of the fallen angels
Touched by floating flames
The devil shouts the incantations
To open the chapel of angry ghosts

Now death's hidden deep in fumes of sin
Awaken, to cut the throat of false nazarene God
God of saint's failure, burned and damned
Forever gone in hellish flames

Feasting beasts rip his flesh
Nailed to the cross, pierced by pain
Holy son of believers
Waste your life for nothingness
Resurrection never comes

Proud hymns for the glory of a seducer demon
The great Incubus rise above the burning sky
Slain holy mother in pure lust
Soon her holiness will be raped

Mutilated blazing cunt
Excite morbid demon lust
Humiliated, she indulges, in thy pleasure
Sacrificial, she will die in sodomy

Feasting beasts rip her flesh
She's watching the death of her God's son
Bloody tears drop down like dead leaves
Falling into a hopeless soil


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