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I see your phone's been cut off again
Did you shoot all your troubles
Up the vein
Someone saw you
Said you were deadly pale
Another night in hell
Another night in jail

CHORUS: Looks like the Chinaman's realing you in
Looks like the horse is gonna win
Looks like the monkeys
Are holding on tight
Say hello to darkness
Goodbye light

And as obscurity beckons the call
It seems oblivion
Is the only thing to cushion your fall
I believe that
Everything is gonna be too late
It all sinks along with the ship you chose too hate


Now you sold all your possessions
And not only your own
There's miles to go yet
But you're at the end of your road
So you finally surrender
To the nedless sleep
Found dead the next mornin'
With your life at your feet


Sail into darkness goodbye light (3x)
Say hello to darkness
Goodbye to light
Say hello
Goodbye light

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