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Along The Way

Bad Religion

I refuse to abuse what is kind to the muse,
But it's there and it's happening to me along the way.
As we go through the snow, we cannot forget our foes,
But the dinner's always waiting at the table along the way,yeah.
What you see, not for me, isn't what you planned to be,
But you'll have what you wanted in the end along the way.
And we'll try as we cry and our brothers pass us by,
To be strong through the ages of our tears along the way, yeah.
Now we grow as we show that the morals we must know
Will be shapen and mistaken by the falls along the way.
But forget, don't regret, to find love and happiness unlessyou're
Willing to be strong when they are gone along the way.
Like tommy, you are free, and you will not follow me,
Until we see each other once more on the path along.

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