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Appalachian Scream

The Badlees

We live for the mountains
'Cause the mountains give us life
But the pits were too inviting
And they stripped away our lives

If I could holler from this hollow
For just a little help
I'm sure the neighbors would come running
Just to see for them selves

And I don't give a damn
If you don't understand

Cause I hear the voices calling
They're sending me a warning about you
Is it a haunting song from a familiar dream
Or just an Appalachian scream

We're neighbors we're not friends
I don't trust them a bit
Call it baseless paranoia
Or the way that we live

We're all escaping something
But we're blind to what it is
If I'd turn my back he'd kill me
And I'd do the same to him

And I don't give a damn
If you don't understand


I built this shit from nothing
I brought it up with love
Considering what I got now
It's still not very much

After 20 years time's forgotten me
And I wish it all the same
But they're knocking at my neighbors' door
And soon they'll call my name


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