Down in yon valley there was a fine wedding
Oh, but the bride she had proved to be unkind
When looking back on their bygone lover
Her former true lover came in at the time

Supper being ended and all things over
It was proposed to sing the bride a song
The song it was sung by yon bygone lover
And unto the bride this song it did belong

Many a one has been seven years absent
Many a one has returned again
But I have been only three years absent
And an inconstant lover to me ye have been

Oh, how could you sit at another man's table
How could you drink of another man's wine
How could you lie in another man's arms
When often and often you said you'd lie in mine

The bride being seated at the end of the table
Every word was spoken, she marked it full weel
To bear up the company no more was she able
So unto the bridegroom these words she did tell

I'm going to ask of you, to ask of you a favour
This being the first one you've granted to me
You'll grant me the sign if you'll lie with my mammy
And aye, aye and after and I'll lie with ye

In asking and asking this favour was granted
Sighing and sobbing she went tae her bed
But early, oh early the very next morning
This bonnie young lassie was found lying dead

Surprising, surprising, to all ye young women
To see one so early cut off in her bloom
Tonight ye may be walking and wi' sweethearts talking
And early in the morning be cold in the tomb

First I'll put on a green coat of velvet
This I will wear for one month or two
And then I'll put on the green and the yellow
And aye, aye and after the orange and the blue

If anyone do ask me, do ask me the reason
Why I do wear such a costly array
I'll tell the reason, the very plain reason
Because that my true love lies cold in the clay

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