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Talk To Me

Barry Manilow

After it was over, after the crying
And all the angry shouting
When we'd both just given up
And you turned and closed the door
I didn't know what was wrong
Anymore than I did before
Maybe it was over
When you stopped trying
Or when I started doubting
Maybe you don't care enough
Maybe I'm just scared you'll go
But maybe what was really wrong
Is that I still don't really know

Talk to me quietly, peacefully
Tell me what to do
Talk to me honestly, don't you see
I need to talk to you
I need to hear that we're okay
And say the things that I meant to say
So talk to me before
Before it's really over

When it all was starting
When I first met you
We couldn't keep from talking
I knew everything you felt
And I felt you knew me too
Now I'm talking to myself
Or I'm just yelling back at you
How this could have happened
How I could lose you
Or you could think to leave me
After where we started from
I'm too dumb I guess to see
But you can't go 'till I do
And you know
You owe that to me

Talk to me quietly, peacefully
I don't wanna fight
Talk to me nice and slow
So I'll know
How to make it right

I'm not afraid to take the blame
I'm just afraid we'll stay the same
And we won't talk until
Until it's really over
I don't understand
Why you're always mad
What could I have done
What could be so bad
Don't you wanna know
Why I never sleep
Look what we've become
From all these secrets that we keep

When it's really over
'cause I can't take it
Or you've walked out
For the last time
When these years are just a dream
And these tears somehow have dried
I can't wake up in my bed
And regret what we never tried
So please don't say it's over
Don't even think it
Just think about the good times
Think of all we've got to lose
And not who's done what to who
And when it comes time to chose
Think of who would still die for you

Talk to me quietly, peacefully
Make me understand
Say what you need to say
Find a way
Take me by the hand
The only thing I ask of you
Is please, for once, just listen too
And talk to me before
Before it's really over
Talk to me
Before it's really over

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