Her name was … Lola!
She's from Tulsa.. yeah!
Just arrived, Grand Central Station, two suitcases in hand
And a dream in her heart

Just arrived track seventeen
All the way from Tulsa Okla-nowhere
Where's my chauffeured limousine?
Where's the marching band?
Just in time to take the town
And though my knees are shaking
I'm making my stand

It all starts now
I can see my name in neon
I won't allow
Any cloud to rain on me!
Don't ask me how
But before too long
I'll be on some marquee
New York or bust!
I've just arrived!

Just arrived track seventeen
(Just arrived track twenty four)
All the way from Tulsa Oklahoma
(All the way from St. Paul, Minnesota)
(All the way from Fargo, North Dakota)
Though I'm still a little green
(Marching through the open door)
When I left, I left my past behind
(Wonder what I'll find)
Just imagine, here I am is the girl from work
(The soda jerk)
(The groc'ry clerk)

The kid they all made fun of
Is one of a kind

It all starts now
Look who's currently appearing
This girl's a wow
All the magazines agree
I'll take my bow
And the world will all be cheering, just for me
New York or bust
I've just arrived

(Hey! Hey! which way's uptown?)
Somebody said they're auditioning for "south pacific"
(Where's the palace?)
(Say! Say! I'm from Dallas!)
Somewhere I read they need lookers and I look terrific
(My name's Alice!)
This is my moment
(Hey, world here I come!)
I knows it I can taste it
And I sure ain't gonna waste it
And it's time I faced it

It all starts now
(Right now!)
Look who's currently appearing
(I can see my name in blazing neon)
This girl's a wow
(And how!)
All the magazines agree
(No way any cloud would dare to rain on me)
I'll take my bow
(Oh, wow! That's me! I'll be on some marquee!)
And the world will all be cheering just for me

Gathering dust
I just survived
Now, New York or bust
I've just arrived!
Hey world
I've just arrived!

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Written by: Barry Manilow / Bruce Sussman / Jack Feldman. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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