The cherry tree is broken
The maple leaf is brown
The wind is in the north east
It’s blowing through the town
Morning is the mother
She pulls you out of bed
Noon is like the sister
No hiding from the threat

I want you for a lover
I want you in the dusk
Your thoughts are deep, unspoken
Buried in your past
The cherry tree is broken
The maple is a lie
The north east wind is building
The people go inside
I want to stay in this place
Where thoughts are warm and bright
I want to stay by your side
And listen to your words
The chaos is unbroken
All the news is grim
Feeds into the conscience
Chase away the dream

The cherry tree is broken
The maple has blown down
The water it is rising
The power has gone out
I want to find some respite
From ignorance and lies
I run from passing strangers
I run from evil eyes
I need to take some shelter
I look for you in storms
I know you have a foxhole
I know it’s dark and warm
I see you in the kitchen
I see you by the fire
Absorbing life’s great stories
Drinking from your eyes

Drinking wine in goblets
Knees tucked to the chin
Sitting in a straw chair
Hair like golden sun
Love you in the firelight
Love you in the dark
Think one day I’ll tell you
That accidents can spark
A trail of life’s destruction
A fissure of intent
A comfort blanket hanging
For every crisis spent.
Think one day I’ll tell you
I’ll catch you from behind
Cover eyes to trick you
Guessing will decide

The ash is like my brother
He took the lazy path
To summer and the good life
The last leaf in the park

A wise old head on shoulders
On boards of adamant
He watched us by the river
He watched us in the dusk
Ribbons fell from your hair
They came down from the war
The drunks fell out of houses
The food of love would flow
And just then for the one day
Beneath the tree of joy
We were equal in our beauty
To the sunset girls and boys
You’re too cool to rush in
Which lover could it be
A politician’s silence
Will be the death of me

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