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No Disturb Sign

Beres Hammond

(spoken) Mmm, I think I'm gonna have to call
in sick

Yeah...hey Mr. Supervisor, I think I'm gonna
have to call in sick na na na na...
Can't leave my woman like this...


If there's one thing I can't stand, its leaving you
so early in the morning.
This nine to five I have is surley getting to me
for the third time I think I'm gonna have to call in sick
If I leave you now I'll be loosing my mind, my mind.

Hope we never get tired, and I never
have to go to work, no one knocking on the door
disrespecting the no disturb sign.
No baby crying, no horn blowing
just the whisper of our voices all day long
na na na na baby

A man who don't sweet treat his woman
surley wasting a lot of time,
she might not say it but she needs
tenderness in her life.
When I look in your eyes baby,
I see clear as a warning sign,
I gotta take some more time off
and give you extra love na na na na
hope you like it.


Oooh won't you come a little closer..
thats it my orenge juice,
reach over and hold me baby, just like that
just like that, we're gonna be making love, all
through the day time (hope you like it baby)


Whispering sweet, sweet prayers of love...

(Chorus x 2)

All day long, all day long now, all day long

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