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What One Dance Can Do

Beres Hammond

I'd like to tell you a story about
what one dance can do,
one dance can do
one dance can do

A listen up

After one dance on the floor
she came back, wanting for more
for more,
and I don't know what it is
that I've got, but she whispered it was so nice
so nice...
but her man is sitting across the way
and he can hear the things I'd say
now he watches from the corner of his eyes
so a move like this would be so unwise
ooh ooh he's standing in my way
standing in my way hey yeah, yeah

you could see
she was more than ready
to make the move with me
not even thinking of the consequences
now now now
so I had to think quickly
cause her man his face was looking oh so mean
as if anytime, he could create a scene
so gently I pushed her away

ooh ooh, he wants to spoil the play
he's standing in my way...hey yeah
he's standing in my way yeah...

Woo ooh oohh....

Now I understand how he feels
but I wish he'd give me a little room
just a little room
I didn't mean, to be so unkind
but I had to do what I had to do
even though this woman was looking fine
big spender he was, had to have his
own way, I thought he'd leave, but he
stayed, standing in my way...
standing in my way yeah, yeah

oooh oooh standing in my way hey

Thats what one dance can do....

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