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When We Make Love


Step inside, the lights are down, let the show begin
Take your place, a front row seat, with my leading men
You can feel alive tonight
You see, I know just what you're after

Come tonight, we'll make it right
Say you'll always be my lover
You can be my fantasy
Just think of all that we'll discover

See my toys, we'll play the game on my movie show
A line of boys, an all-night part in my porno love
Skin tight pants fit oh so right
I made my mind up when I saw you

Heart beats fast so make it last
I must remember all you whisper
I want you now, forever now
I'll see you on the screen forever
When we make love

Step inside, the lights are down, the show's begun
You can stay, a front row seat, so you'll see the fun
You can be my star tonight
'Cause now I know just what you're after

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Written by: John Crawford / Mentor Williams / Troy Seals · This isn't the songwriter? Let us know.
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