500 thousand dollars
For your stardust
500, 'cause you get what you deserve
500, 'cause you've held it back since august
500, boy you sure have got some nerve

You've been on my mind
Suddenly gone blind
You've been on my mind

600 for a letter from your fan club
600,, though you probably want more
600, 'cause you've kept it in your bathtub
600, boy, I've heard it all before
You've been on my mind
Scratching at your door
You've been on my mind

You know I have been sweet on you forever
That's why I have been
Stealing all your stuff
Buy 500 thousand worth of clever
And you'll see that I can't ever get enough

Buy 500 roses and a shotgun
I'm sure you'll find it difficult to choose
Sometimes I hear you'll even
Get a refund
In that way it is impossible to loose

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