How you gonna fall-fall-fall asleep at night
Knowing that you never taught her how to fight
Knowing she don't know how to clench her fists real tight
Knowing she'll be better off way out of sight

How you gonna make her feel her way around
Ninjas' how I'll do they hardly make a sound
How you're gonna teach her not to make a mess
Running can be hard in high heels and a dress

And if I love you half as hard
I know that I will fall apart
Sometimes while I sleep
The company I keep
Makes me ashamed
And if I love you twice as much
You probably won't stay in touch
Sometimes when I dream
The images I see
Makes me ashamed

Telling her sometimes that tigers come at dawn
Teaching her to be the queen and not a pawn
Ripping off your heart to show her how it breaks
Swallowing your pride to show how bad it aches

Look at all these papercuts
And all is in my heart
You know these papercuts
Mean we will never part
Among my favorite wounds are those that never heal
Among my favorite friends are those who never feel

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