Baby's got a new dress
Picture sweet
Running makes a great mess
Velveteen dress

Honey's got a new show
Long long legs
Far to go
Audience is too slow
Look at them go

Pop pop pop pop
Cinderella's gone crazy
And she won't stop stop stop
Triggerfinger installed
Pop pop pop pop
Pinball wizard goes hazy
Then she'll fall

Well they said she's alright
Though she bled just an hour ago
You should come really fast
Bring your car just in case she feels slow
You should come, bring your dog
Maybe go for a walk in the park
Cause your face is so pale
That I swear it will glow in the dark

Did you get your heart done?
Drip drip drop
Varnish never lasts long
Modesty gone

Daddy's gonna stop his
Tick tick tick
Hit and miss
Baby, you can do this
Wannabe bliss

Pop pop pop pop
Cinderella has lost it
And she won't stop stop stop
Screaming everyone's names
Pop pop pop pop
She can never be trusted
Make the call

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