Mother may I, I would say
Yes sweet baby take it away
It won't be long
Just remember that

Powerful is the woman in you
Stay true
And she'd come to me
When fire and water was gone

To caress the empty with a song
Saying why cry for anger
That bullets the sky
Just remember

I'll remember and mama
I'll get by
I know my face
Seems crazed and wild

But I got her eyes
A mama's child am I
She's blessed with grace
And is smooth as a line

And when I shade
She helps me shine
And she comes to me
When there's nothing

I believe and holds me so high
Yes I am free
Saying why hold the anger
It won't let you fly

Just remember
I'll remember
And mama mama I'll get by
Confused by my own illusions

She said that it's only my pride
And even the simplest solutions
Still won't heal my mind
So I'll remember
I'll remember
And I'll get by

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