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Bad Timing


I woke up late this mourning
the sunlight shining in my eyes
and I almost forgot what it felt like to be free
I wanted you to show me
All the things I'd never seen
And now I'm struggling to make ends meet

How could you do this to me?
My eyes red turn red with envy
For something only you could've taken from me
We were young and stupid
I know there's only so much we could do
But there's nothing I'd have rather given you
than myself

But still why don't you tell me
He wasn't the only one you slept with
Now I'm living life in hell

Then I woke up from that dream
and I saw you sleeping next to me
I wanted to hold you
Say the things I used to say
But things don't seem the way they should

As time goes by I realize
a needless worry in my eyes
I guess it's so hard Cause I still love you

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