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Lack of motivation,
Every day and every night,
Disconnecting my dedication,
Is this what's left to me?
I'm sacrificing to be stronger,
But now years go by much faster,
And every minute's getting longer,

It's not my time,
And now I feel so helpless.
It seems to me,
Far out of reach,
But now I'll make my dent.

Something keeps igniting,
This short-lived tire that's bound to stop.
Strangulating and suffocating,
Important feelings in my life,
I don't want to be immortal.
I know I couldn't change the world,
Do what I can,
I'm gonna give it all,
And try to make a dent in this wall.

It seems to me so far out of reach,
But I know I'll make my dent.

But now I feel so helpless.

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