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Flava 2 Da Crunk

Bill Haley & His Comets

Verse 1:
Came from tha boogie down,
Straight to Agg-town
Hat drop it low,
That's how I choose to roll now,
Had to leave the mall,
9 o clock tha Parks close down,
No need to go home,
Cause my night ain't fully over now,
Wherever my car stops,
That's where we throw down,
Ain't now use in paying dem dollars,
To go clubbin now'
It's about time, that I represent now,
Here's how my flava,
Made it to tha durtty south,

Baby this is how we,
Shake a lil but,
Get on the grind,
Playas pop ya collars,
Pimps cop a dime,
Bump this on a Saturday nite,
Deep in tha club,
Break em off dj,
Turn my shhh up
Flava to the crunk,
Bump this in ur ear,
From ur bass to ur speakers,
To ur trunk,
Baby this is how we…

Verse 2:
Pull up to the spot,
Jump out tha ride,
Soon as we arrive,
Gangst's tip and ride,
See that hustla's ova there,
They always's on tha grind,
Tryna make that buck,
Ain't no shame in tha grind,
We keep it gutty down here,
Gotta keep it real,
In tha club we drop it low,
Talk that mess we throw dem bows-
That's why I always hold it down,
Gotta do this for my town,
R&B and Hip Hop,
Comin' straight for tha crown,
And befor I let yall go,
I just gotta let yall know that,
It's about time that I represent now,
Here's how my flava,
Made it to tha durtty south,


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