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Domination (Feat. Slipknot)


"The confrontation was not created by the police, theconfrontation was created by the people who charged the police.The policeman isn't there to create disorder, the policeman isthere to preserve disorder."

You can't get me
You'll never get me

Keepin us thinking of how to pay our bills while "they" roamthrough our lifes with flashlights
Keep our attention away from issues that "really" effect oursociety
While "they" are busy creating problems and offering solutions!
Keep us busy with our "simple" lifes
While "they " make descions in disguise of our benefit.


Keep us in the dark about the system keeps us confused anddistracted
Turn you shoulder, I'll never give them total fucking control.
Keep us preoccupied with bullshit while our defenses arelowered
Tighten the reigns and gain control
Confusion, confusion brings profit


Broken backs and bloody knuckles
Forgotten fathers and long lost uncles
Who fought for freedom through piles of lies
It was for our rights our ancestors died
War brings profit and profit breeds greed
For those who died in vain, god speed
And to those who rewrite the constitiution
Fuck off and die mutherfucker, it's our revolution
It's our revolution


"sex and race have been the primary ways of organizing humanbeings into superior and inferior groups"

just because YOU are not paranoid does not mean that THEY are notout to get YOU
who are the puppets and who is pull's the strings, keep usignorant as they choose the kings

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