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Perfect Girl

Black Lab

Nobody ever, ever could tell her
What it's like to fall in love
Tired of searching, she wants to be perfect
Nothing's ever good enough
And i watch, i wait
Catch her eye and look away
Nobody ever, ever could tell her
But i tried

Now she keeps me hanging on the line
Praying at the sky
Every single night's the same
She's a perfect girl
Hanging by phone
Praying all alone
Everybody knows her name
She's a perfect girl

And she wanted to want me
Wanted to need me
Wanted all those distant stars
Wanted a surgeon, a full operation
But she couldn't bear the scars
And she cut me well
But she wouldn't be cut herself
And nobody told me i could be lonely
When i fell

I'm not perfect, what's a girl to do
In a perfect world i'd be perfect too
But the longer that she makes me wait
The more my heart begins to break
But it's worth it when she comes
In the morning she'll be gone
And i'll be

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