I know a man that possesses the world,
And he won't spare just a little for me.
It's too damn cold and as our story unfolds,
I will be thinking 'bout what I want to be.

It gets me down 'cause I love her,
And I want her as a friend.
But if I dare to blow my cover,
What happens then?

I really don't know,
What's going on up here,
And anywhere the wind may blow,
That's where I want her to be.
And any way I sing this song,
It may be wrong, but baby,
Now I see,
That it's time to take on the world.

You try to cry but you can't do half-hearted,
You're angry all alone.
They get it wrong just when you think it's started,
Your Candy-Shell has run off home.

It gets me mad 'cause I love her,
And that means I must pretend.
What if I go blow my cover?

But what if I go blow my cover?
What if I go blow my cover?
I could never blow my cover.
If I dare to blow my cover?

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